Merritt Refugee GROUP

Who are we?

Merritt Refugee Group is a small non-denominational group of volunteers formed to sponsor and bring a refugee family to Merritt, and to help them become part of our community.  


We work with the Syrian Family Links Initiative and the Catholic Diocese of Nelson to meet the requirements for refugee sponsorship.  The Diocese of Nelson has a sponsorship agreement with the government and has significant experience with sponsoring refugees.  


What is Merritt doing to support a Syrian refugee family?

Through the Family Links Initiative we were linked with a young family residing in a refugee camp in Jordan.  The family has two young children.  They also have close family living in West Kelowna and so by sponsoring them to come to Merritt, we are reuniting a brother and sister. 


Our goal is to raise $28,000 to support the family for a year.  The Rotary Club of Merritt has already donated $14,000 and we have received many in kind donations.  


The family arrived in Merritt in late 2017 and members of this committee are currently active helping out where they can.


How can I help?

• Fundraise by yourself among your friends.

• Share your gifts, talents, ideas for fundraising, and expertise with us.

• Support our fundraising activities.

• Make a one-off or monthly donation via this website (see donation options to the right) 

• Help us spread the word.

• Donate your recycling at the bottle depot to Rotary Club of Merritt. 

• Donate furniture, household goods, food staples, etc.

• Volunteer your time. 


Support the Merritt Refugee Group Monthly

Use this button for a one-time donation.


Why Merritt?

We are a caring community with many people who can offer friendship and support.

We have all the basic and essential services newcomers need and we are close to major centres.

Merritt is a beautiful, quiet area for a refugee family to begin a new life and to recover from the trauma they have faced.


Contact information

For general information contact Becky Puterbough, at


To make in kind donations of furniture and household goods contact Gail Moyes at or Jacqueline Whitecross at


To help with fundraising, contact Sarah Molnar at or Dallas Warrington at


To help with language, contact Linda A Brown at


To volunteer your time, contact Jacqueline (at the email listed above)