Meet our Members


We'd love to meet you!


During the current Covid-19 pandemic we met either at a member's business / home or via Zoom.


Our club has changed over the years but for this season we have 17 AWESOME members who are continuing to work on what we can to support our community as well as some International goals.


We are always looking for others to join us and encourage you to contact us if you are looking to give back.


This years executive is:

Leslee Lucy - President

Paul Molnar - Past President

Sheila Whittaker - Co-Treasurer

David Brown - Co-Treasurer

Marlene Jones - Secretary / Social Media / Website

Bob Reid - Environment Committee

Danica Vere - Youth Exchange Committee

Andrea Inwards - Funding Committee Chair


You can also contact us for more info. We look forward to meeting you!


During our current fundraiser, we are helping to get funds out to those in the Nicola Valley who were affected by the flooding on November 15th 2021.  One of the funding supporters includes the United Way of BC.  We appreciate all those who support the United Way and make it possible for them to help our community.  Please check out our social media or donations page for a list of some others.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.