Hi, my name is Giulia Caccialupi. I’m from France and I spent my Rotary Youth Exchange 2014-2015 in Merritt, BC.


In my mind, the youth exchange it’s the best way to learn a language, to discover a new culture and a continual exchange with people of different backgrounds as you are in a totally immersion in the country.

If I can recommend something to the future youth exchange students, it would be to stay as open minded as you can for the year, take every opportunity that comes to you.

This year will make you grow, and don’t stress, they are all amazing people at the rotary club in Merritt;)

Today, a year after my exchange, I’m back in France and I have still a year of high school to go. I will go to university, still a year to think about it but I’m very interested in engineering classes. I’m sure that one day I will come back to Merritt, to visit my families, my friends, my teachers because all these people are now part of my life. "

Hi ! My name is Jazmin Acosta , I am from Buenos Aires , Argentina and I went to Merritt, BC in 2012-13.

I recommend 4 important things: 

1. Have fun and enjoy your time in the host country. 

2. Try everything that is different of your culture. 

3. Make new friends from your host country and exchange friends . 

4. Make new families. 

Now I am studying in Buenos Aires's University, I want to be a pharmacist.