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Throughout the pandemic our club tried to remain active in the community.  While many events switched to virtual in nature there was not a lot of opportunity for photos in the last several years.  We look forward to that safely changing so we can be back out in the community with our neighbours.


Here are some photos of some previous events.

One day, your way

September 20, 2020.  This years event is a "little different".  Our club is helping to bring awareness to this very important event and we would love to hear that you made a donation and to see how you took part.  What did "your way" look like?  Some of us are going to be a Voght Park in Merritt at 9am on Sunday and we will maintain our distance while walking or running the track.  Enjoy your day and please remember this very important event to help support cancer research.

This year, our club helped to raise funds and at the end of the day we helped to raise approx. $1,400.  There is still time to donate through the website  We acknowledge the Merritt Centennials and all those others who took time to be involved.    We hope you enjoyed being involved your way and we hope that we can be together again next year.

Thank you Merritt. 

Thank you to all those who joined us at the annual Terry Fox Run

Reopening of Rotary Bike park

June 3rd 2018

We appreciate all those who contributed funds and effort towards a much needed face lift / rebuild of this facility.  Many kids in our community were excited to be a part of the reopening day.    These projects are made possible when people work together.  For this project we would like to thank: The Merritt Mountain Bike Assoc, The City of Merritt, Travis @ Breathe Bikes, Luke Beers, and all those others who contributed.